30hands: Digital Storytelling & Presentations 1.3.40

30hands: Digital Storytelling & Presentations 1.3.40


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Date Added:18 July, 2014

Author: 30hands Learning, Inc.

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30hands Mobile is a fun and innovative storytelling app that allows students, teachers and anyone with creativity to easily create stories or presentations based on photos, images or slides using an iPad, iPhone or iPod.

Different from other presentation apps, 30hands Mobile focuses on the power of storytelling and ITERATIVE CREATIVITY. Like pages in a book, photos or images are dragged around the desktop into the order of the story. Next, the teacher or student records audio over each image. Easy editing allows students to take learning to a higher level and creates a better final video whether created by a student or teacher. Finally, the story or presentation can be published to the device™s photo area or uploaded to a 30hands Cloud collaborative learning site.

Registration in the mobile app provides login credentials for the 30hands Cloud Community site at http://K12.30hands.com.

30hands Cloud is a comprehensive, self-contained e-classroom site that allows teachers to easily create public or private courses, structured by modules, to provide student access to flipped presentations, videos and other digital learning materials. 30hands Cloud also provides interactive collaboration by students using the timeline, course blogs, student pages and presentations.

1. In class stories or presentations
2. Synchronized slide + audio lectures for flipping the classroom
3. Audio-enhanced image portfolios
4. Stop-motion or slide-based teaching by students + teachers
5. Foreign language "spoken" flashcards
6. Photo-enhanced audio interviews
7. Photo memory video with audio
8. You decide!

Users include Students, Teachers, Presenters, Photographers, Bloggers, Journalists, Artists, Families, Homeschoolers

5 Easy Steps:
1. Add images, take photos or draw slides
2. Arrange them into any order by dragging them
3. Record audio for each slide
4. Preview your creation
5. Publish it as a video to your Camera Roll or a 30hands web site for sharing

"I would consider 30Hands to be a must-have for teachers."
- Matt Villasana, Columbia PS (Oct 2013)

"When I discovered 30 hands via Twitter this week, I felt like Christmas had arrived!"
- Miss Newton, Primary Ipads Classroom (Sep 2013)

"30 Hands and iMovie are my favorite apps for narrated slideshows or videos, respectively."
- Mike Petty, Classroom Games and Tech (Aug 2013)

"The app is very easy to use... 30hands could be an excellent app for your students to use to create narrated slideshow presentations."
- Richard Byrne from iPadApps4School.com writes (June 2013)

"If you are looking for a quick and easy way to create a video presentation from the images in your camera roll, try 30hands. Students will have no trouble at all using this app to add images, drawings, and audio to create a video that can be published to the camera roll. It's a fantastic app to use to create an instructional guide. For example, have the students take photos during a biology or chemistry lab and have them create a quick how-to video. Because 30Hands is so simple to use, it is also a superb app to use with students who have had little experience creating videos."
- AppoLearning

Tech & Learning and Thursday Fabulous and Free list 30hands Mobile as one of the Top Apps for Digital Storytelling.

The Huffington Post writes (2/11/2013):
"I was most impressed with the mobile app, which has a unique feature that enables a storytelling experience by allowing the users to record audio and video over digital images. It flows seamlessly and can be uploaded onto a web platform where teachers organize and display a collection of learning materials."

30hands Learning develops technology & services geared at getting students to THINK and CREATE.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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